, The Birds, Trees, and All Above Ground Wild Things

While the waterways hold many opportunities for adventurous exploration, the wildlife world of the land and skies around Marco provide an equally amazing array of discoveries.  

Just 8 miles northeast of us is the self-directed half mile trail of Briggs Boardwalk. Though a short stroll, this path passes through 5 unique habitats, hosts signage along the way that details the various flora and fauna. Over 150 species of birds have been spotted here including, Wood Stork, Glossy Ibis, King Rail, Common Nighthawk, Brown Thrasher and more than 15 species of wood-warbler. For a longer excursion, join a conservatory volunteer for a guided walk through the boardwalk, beach and back bay areas of Clam Pass. Depending on when you visit, you’re likely to see woodpeckers, hawks, owls, and many warblers, thrushes and vireos during migration.  Both are part of the Conservatory of SW Florida Nature Center/Briggs Nature Center and Rookery Bay on Marco Island and listed as part of the Great Florida Birding Trail site.

A short drive south of us on Marco Island, you can visit Otter Mound Preserve Walking Trail.  Covering nearly 2.5 acres, this tropical hardwood hammock preserve sits on one of the only remaining Calusa shell mounds.  It contains artifacts of both archeological and historic importance.  Fifty-seven species of birds (including the Cooper's hawk pictured above) and one hundred and twenty-seven plant species have been recorded at Otter Mound Preserve.  Other wildlife observed includes the Florida gopher tortoise, Virginia opossum, armadillo, raccoon, grey squirrel and even the occasional bobcat. 

Fall offers an optimal time for leisurely nature strolls and bird watching. Be sure to check our offers for the best rates throughout the year.