Teen Activities on Marco Island Posted December 13, 2016


Marco Island, Florida remains a top favorite destination for travelers of all kinds: singles, couples and families alike flock to our shores year round to relax, soak in the subtropical beauty and temperatures, and recharge.

For our tweenage and teenage guests, we understand that hanging with the parents or the younger crowd may not always be what inspires you on vacation. Luckily, Marco Island offers several safe, teen friendly activities that will keep you abuzz with excitement for days. We’ve assembled a list of top activities to help you plan an adventure fit for this precarious group:

Marco Movies – Paradise has a movie theater, and Marco Movies won’t disappoint.  Serving up the best in cinematic entertainment in an intimate setting, along with a full menu of moviegoer snacks, appetizers, salads and more that are served to you!  Sit back in a plush leather seat, this is no ordinary movie theater!

Marco Golf & Garden – This sweet spot on Marco Island allows for fun any day of the week starting at 10 a.m.  Teens can hit the course, set into an award winning gardenscape, and enjoy the challenges while Mom & Dad enjoy a meal next door at La Tavola.

Parasailing – Always a great time for teens and teens at heart!  Take off above the water and feel light as a bird floating through the air.  A great place to check out is Marco Island Water Sports, where parasailing is just the beginning of the adventures to be enjoyed. Paddleboard, Kayaks, and waverunners also await your group at any of their three Marco Island locations.

The dedicated staff at the Boat House are local to the island and would be glad to answer any questions and offer further suggestions ~ Just ask!